Play Groups

Forest Kindergarten Play Group at Forest Song is a time for parents and their kids to check out what a day of Forest Kindergarten is like. Parents are expected to stay!

Date: Tuesday, August 18
Time: 9am-12pm
Place: email for directions!

If you come:
  • Please help your kids follow the few rules we have!
    • Kids must stay where they can see an adult.
    • If someone calls your child's name they must answer, even if they are hiding!
    • We don't destroy anything living.
    • No pretend weapon play. Forest Song is an animal and plant sanctuary, we preserve life, not destroy it!
    • Yelling is encouraged, screaming, however, is reserved for emergencies.
    • Part of the Forest Kindergarten ethos is to take care of one another and make sure everyone is looked out for. We take responsibility for each other. Guide your children towards this. If someone is hurt we go check in and make sure they're ok, etc. 
  • Dress appropriately! The following is our recommended gear (even in summer!):
    • good rain gear (make sure it's waterproof!)
    • rain boots
    • two-piece long underwear
    • wool or fleece mid-layer (pants and top/jacket)
    • wool socks
    • hat and mittens. 
    • an extra set of clothing including socks
    • layers are the best! There is a creek the kids play in, so even on a sunny day non-cotton layers, rain pants, and boots are the way to go. Your kiddo can always take layers off or put them on.
  • Bring water, snacks will be provided.

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