What to Wear

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices!

If you are enrolled in forest kindergarten our school uniform is:
- bogs boots
- Lands End, REI, Oakiewear, or GAGE rain gear (pants and jacket)
- Columbia (ideally Omnitech) snow pants and coat.
- two-piece silk, wool, or Patagonia Capeline long johns (no snaps for ease of pottying) (for winter), or two-piece long underwear (for summer, such as REI, Molehill, or Hot Chillis)
- wool or fleece mid-layer and top layer (pants and top)
- silk or wool socks
- mittens (recommended: Garmin top-zip mittens)
- hat
- an extra set of clothing (ideally fleece/non-cotton layers, thrift store clothing is fine!) in ziplock or wet back inside their backpack
- a backpack (We recommend Trunki Paddle Packs, but any toddler-sized backpack will do!)

Please dress children in clothing they can get messy in! All clothing and footwear should be loose fitting and roomy and allow the body's own insulating layer to surround the skin (this means buy a size up!). 

Once you've purchased good rain gear make sure you wash it according to instructions!! Most rain gear should be washed on cold and line dried. If possible just hose or rinse rain gear off instead of washing it. Not following the washing instructions can mean your rain gear will no longer keep rain out!

Most of important of all: your attitude! When you are getting ready for and driving to Forest Kindergarten it's important to express a positive, cheerful attitude about the weather. Help your child anticipate all the fun things they'll get to do no matter the weather!

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