Monday, June 22, 2015

May 2015

Everything's coming up! Devil's club opened their leaves from Palm-sized to waist high on a toddler. Fiddle heads unfurled often inches a day and opened their feathery fronds transforming our forest into a lush, green, life-filled place. 

We heard new bird songs filling the woods too. First the low whoopings of Sooty Grouses and the the high whistles of the Varied  Thrush and eventually the Robin joined the chorus with its trill. There is a pair of Eagles that nest above our usual school site and they've grown accustomed to our coming, tweeting out a warning to the whole forest as we walk up the driveway to our trail. 

Bugs were evident, especially the Golden Net Winged Beetle which graced many a log and leaf with its bright orange body. 
As the rains dried up toddlers shed their layers and our creek dried up! There were a few rainy days where we could find a little water in there after the rain fell but much to the kids' dismay it would soon disappear without a steady source. The kids now look forward to rainy days hoping the creek will return!

Edibles were widely available as kids learned to forage for Devil's Club buds, fiddle heads, and berry leaves and buds. Blueberry flowers were a favorite snack. We added all of the above plus Hemlock Tree needle tips to our various Forest Tea brews. 

Kids claimed more areas of the woods discovering a tramp and lots of good stumps to climb. The discovered boats, trains, castles, and forts and engaged in much imaginative play. They also ran the trail on sunny days and traced the Suns' path across the forest floor. 

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